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Start With Asking The Right Question!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Start With Asking The Right Question!

Are your fractional consultants outside IR35?

This is the wrong question

Proof that the consultant is not thinking about the changes they need to implement to run a 'proper' business

Their only thought is to swerve the risk of being caught, to continue with their current ways of working and to never have to personally invest in making any changes to their business model

​If this is you, then there's a good chance we're never going to work together

But, I never give up hope that some people are willing to make the changes... they just need help to see things differently

I believe the future is fractional

But you have to make changes

Fractional is not a silver bullet with no effort attached

But it is a route to the business you really want

Greenlight Partners (Fractional Consulting Experts) has assessed the key features of IR35 and created an environment that supports any consultant who is prepared to make the necessary changes to their business model

I've listed out the main features below, and the ways we're providing support for our partners

There's a lot more to this model that many recruitment agents and niche consultancies would love to replicate

And I'm sure they will... but not anytime soon!

So, if you're interested in finding if you could be our next fractional consultant, and get ready for the fractional explosion in 2024, then answer a few questions and let's talk soon!

For now, and for the keyboard warriors...

Let's start the process through the lens of IR35!

1. Personal Service and Substitution:
- Greenlight Partners global talent roster provides a rich pool of experts, with processes, agreements and relationships in place that provide seamless substitution opportunities that our clients value.

2. Control:
- Clients respect the skills and experience of our experts.

As Jobs once said, “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

3. Mutuality of Obligation:
- We create long-term relationships with both our clients and consultants. Typically our clients want to work with consultants they get to 'know, like & trust' and our consultants get variety and inspiration from working with multiple clients

4. Financial Risk:
- Outcome based engagements and risk & reward contracts are just two of the ways our consultants earn more and our clients value the refreshing approach to delivery

5. Exclusivity:
- The Future Is Fractional... this says it all!

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