Growing your business takes more than a website and a few social posts.

We believe it begins with your innovative products, services and offers which solve your clients problems.

And continues through to the best relationship they've ever experienced.


The digital marketing agency every ambitious consultant wants and needs to work with.

Make More Money

Grow Your Business

Create A Life You Love 


You're a Consultant NOT a Marketer

You know you need to do more to market your business but you don't understand marketing and you didn't know where to start... until now.

TED's mission is to level the playing field with the big consultancies and give every consultant the opportunity to get great product, sales and marketing support.

We believe that you should be able to monetise your intellectual property.

We know that you need to have a more than a website to thrive.

We want you to make more money, grow your business and create a life you love!


You're amazing at the 'technical' aspect of your business, you deliver time after time to satisfied clients and you're now ready to take your business to the next level.

You know you can increase sales and profits if you only had the missing skills on your team.

But, you're not ready to invest in a full team of your own just yet.

So, how do you manage to build products and services that will attract and excite your clients?

Simply put, you outsource it.

You use a fractional team of experts until you're ready to build an in-house team of your own.

And, by working with TED that won't be too far away.

Working together will make 6 & 7 figure sales (and profits!) a reality.

Brands We Work With


Product Marketing

Monetising your intellectual property is the way to grow your consultancy business and with TED on your side creating your compelling offer is as easy as A.B.C

Accelerate the product innovation
Build the content
Collect new clients


Content Marketing

Websites, Checklists, Emails, Sales Presentations, Social Media... where do you begin?

Crafting the right message and making sure it reaches the right audience can be time consuming, even when you know what you're doing.

You don't need to do it alone...

Your TED team can DIWY or DIFY... you choose!



This is the part most people hate... but the days of 'cold calling' and 'pitching' are over when you have TED on your team.

Relationships are the thing we're really good at.

Building them... 

Nurturing them...

Maturing them...

TED Is Already Helping Your Peers, Collaborators And Competitors.

Can you risk being left behind?


Delivered with support, advice, and coaxing... along with lots of patience and encouragement!

"TEIG are challenging how Private Equity Groups & SME Business Owners approach an M&A integration. Supporting all stakeholders we identify the opportunities across both the Corporate and Operational functions and work with everyone to make the synergies happen.
We Only Win Together... and that's true for the partners we've chosen.
Thanks TED!"

Stephen Faulkner-Atkinson: Founder


TED understood exactly what service we wanted to provide our customers... because they've also worked with our customers

"Sicura have the expertise to support our customers, but in order to do that we needed to clearly show what we do and how we do it.
TED managed the process of building our proposition from end to end and made the process painless"

Paul Chadwick: Co-Founder


  • ​Can you help with how I show my product or service is really different?

Yes, this is one of the ways TED can really help. We know how to uncover your 'secret sauce' and can help position you in your chosen market so clients come to you

  • ​Do you provide individual services?

Yes, we can offer just website/funnel build through to full content management. Get in touch to explore how we can serve you best

  • ​I have no idea where to start!

To be honest, you're not alone.
All of the consultants we work with know they have 'something' but they have no idea what it is, how to monetise or how to promote. That's where we add real value, we know your business, we know your clients business, and now we have the digital team to make this happen for you!

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