You've launched your business... now what?

You have customers who love you and they want more.

But maybe you're not ready to give up the 'day job' just yet.

Maybe you need a few more months to grow your customer base and refine your operational processes before you do it alone.

Or perhaps you know 'ops' is not what you want to spend your time on, you want to work on delivering to more clients.

Either way, you need support!

You need TED.


We Will Manage Your Operations From The Very Beginning.

Business & Marketing Strategy

Day to Day Operations

Tracking, KPI's & Reporting

Running a business can be lonely and long before you can afford your own Board you will need advice and support.

Think about it...

Who can help you shape new products or services?

Who can help with research into new clients or markets?

Who can help you plan for scale and expansion?

Acquiring a customer is one of the biggest expenses any business will have.

It costs a lot less to keep a customer and to allow them to spend more with you.

But, you need to give them a reason to spend more.

You need a 'value ladder'

TED knows exactly what you need... and how to get you there!

You've launched and got through the first month, now day-to-day operations kick in.

Run Your Business
Deliver what you promised to your customers.

Respond to queries.

Create content, manage technology and track metrics.

Grow Your Business

New products, services and offers.

New customers and markets.

New partners and collaborators

Intelligent use of data will help you understand your customers, their problems, and the solutions you need to provide.


Website visits, email opens, click through rates.

You'll start to build a lot of data and you need to use the data to inform your next move.


Understand what to measure, how to measure and what 'good looks like'.


TED can establish your baseline, collate your results, and provide insights for your business that will allow you to make the smart next move.

Support Packages

We provide bespoke support that perfectly fit the current stage of your business and can grow as you do. 


Release your time to provide the service you promised*

  • Email Management: We take your content and run your campaign.
  • Tracking: We monitor your campaign and website to track visitors, open rates and click throughs.
  • Reporting: We collate your data in a weekly dashboard so you have the insights you need to make decisions.


Provide your customers with a reason to spend more money*

  • Content Management: We create your content for email nurture campaigns.
  • New Landing Pages: We build the page you need so your customers want to work with you.
  • New Lead Magnets: We design and build the free content your prospects will exchange their emails for.


Rapid growth and speed to market*

  • New Products And Services: We create your value ladder to increase your sales.
  • New Markets: We amplify your proposition and open up opportunities in the end-to-end supply chain.
  • New Channels: We increase your coverage across multiple social media platforms and promote you as the expert you are.

*Individual requirements will be discussed during the kick-off session

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